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Food Salt - Microsalt

Food Salt - Microsalt

MicroSalt® is patented technology of a mechanical change in the NaCl particle which delivers 50% less sodium by weight without compromising flavor to help to reducing sodium consumption for a better health.

70MM adults in the US have high blood pressure. Reducing daily sodium intake by 33% will reduce 28,000-50,000 premature deaths per year (FDA). Most consumers will not settle for “low sodium, lightly salted or unsalted” products due to less than desired flavor profiles and/or high potassium levels.

  • Our taste buds recognize it as over twice as salty as table salt, hence you can use less.
  • Improved product adhesion due to the micro-size of the salt particles.
  • Non-GMO, all natural, Kosher and Gluten Free.


In the food industry MicroSalt® is used in spices, meat and fish.

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