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Ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber (EPDM)

Ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber (EPDM) is produced from an olefinic polymerization technology. EPDM exhibits excellent processability and demonstrates outstanding electrical insulation properties, high resistance to weathering, chemiclas, heat and cold aging. The highly versatile properties and excellent performance are ideal in a wide range of general and specialty applications. Appropriate selection of EPDM grades can help in certain application developments or formulation adjustments for improved properties or cost reduction.


Ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber (EPDM) can be used in o-rings,  Gasket, heat resistant seal, corner-injection molding, various tubes, garden water hose, peroxide cured molding, profiles, flooring, radiator hoses, electrical cables /wires, Mold type sponges, Anti-vibration, Plastic modifier, heat insulator sponges, automotive weather-strips, building materials



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